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Discover the extensive program of the International Forum, to be held in two weeks in Montreal! On the program: a host of inspiring activities, spaces for discussion and sharing and a collective desire to take action! Here is an overview of what awaits you on Friday, January 24:

INSPIRATION | In addition to the eight inspiring conferences offered to start the day, learn more about some innovative initiatives in the Solutions Zone, come and share a contemplative and introspective experience produced by Phi and witness what the world of tomorrow could look like during the screening of the film “Tomorrow”.

DISCUSSION | You will then have the opportunity to share and discuss ideas with development and humanitarian aid professionals during the four interactive workshops presented simultaneously. Which one will you choose?

● The upcoming digital economy

● Youth leadership for refugee self-sufficiency

● For a feminist climate justice

● Enhancing the local economy of refugee camps

ACTION | In the afternoon, we will take action through a participatory workshop: “Learn, Create, Change.” We have to commit to significant changes in the way we make choices and understand the world. Such changes will not come without hurdles, but we will be better able to overcome them if we act collectively. Through this participatory workshop, we will reflect together on how we can exercise our leadership and increase our capacity for action, starting today.

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Register online before January 15.

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