Knowledge Sharing Leader: Carleton University

A photo of the Carleton campus

Carleton University, founded in 1942 and based in Ottawa, Canada, has over 30,000 active students and 177,000 alumni globally. At the forefront of Canadian institutions working towards building an inclusive, sustainable future, Carleton University is taking a holistic and multifaceted approach to knowledge building and knowledge sharing, to support the advancement of Quality Education (SDG…

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Innovations in the SDGs: Taking Climate Action through Education and Advocacy with WESM

A classroom of students in blue uniforms listen to a presentation on climate change.

Spotlight on the Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi: Advancing Climate Action (SDG-13) through Conservation Art and Education Having been established in 1947, and now the oldest conservation NGO in Malawi, the Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi (WESM) works to advance Climate Action (SDG-13) through supporting conservation and sustainable management of Malawi’s wildlife and…

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Innovations in the SDGs: Promoting Sustainable and Inclusive Economic Empowerment with Uganda’s Community Women Enterprise Network (CWEN)

Two women stand facing a exhibition table featuring products made my women entrepreneurs.

Spotlight on CWEN: Advancing Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG-8) Through Entrepreneur Empowerment Driving sustainable progress towards Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG-8) in Uganda is the Community Women Enterprise Network (CWEN). CWEN acts as a business resource for youth and women entrepreneurs across all sectors in Uganda, providing business information, technical support and guidance…

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Innovations in the SDGs: Fostering a Feminist Economy in Jordan with JoWomenomics

Spotlight on JoWomenomics : Advancing Gender Equality through Equitable Development Solutions In Jordan, since 2014 JoWomenomics (JW) has been championing initiatives aimed at promoting equitable economic and social development for women, dedicating itself to fostering an ecofeminist economy in the country, and advancing the goal of Gender Equality (SDG-5). JW has built several partnerships with…

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Innovations in the SDGs: Kantala’s Eco-Friendly Fashion for Climate Action

Six farmers, with their backs to the camera, examine a hana plant as an artisan demonstrates how to harvest the leaves.

Spotlight on Kantala: Blending Tradition with Sustainability In the rich, green heart of Sri Lanka, Kantala emerges as a leader in sustainable fashion innovation. Central to their mission is the revitalization of the Dumbara Hana Craft, an endeavor that has given new life to this traditional art and has significantly impacted their community. Post-pandemic, Kantala…

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