40 years of SRP

Looking back, moving forward, Panel Discussion and Evening Reception

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In 2018, the Student Refugee Program (SRP) will celebrate its 40th anniversary. Join us for an evening reception and panel discussion with UNHCR Representative to Canada, Jean-Nicolas Beuze. The panel will look back on the program’s impact over the last 40 years, and examine its potential role in the growing global refugee crisis moving forward. The panel discussion and evening reception are open to International Forum participants and WUSCies, old and new. We look forward to celebrating our successes, and planning the program’s next 40 years with you! Light refreshments will be served.


January 18

Free Admission

Evening Celebration

A favourite event at the annual International Forum, this evening of celebration will gather the WUSC and CECI networks and friends on Friday, January 19 at the Westin Hotel Ottawa.

The event will feature speeches, special awards, and great entertainment as we celebrate the accomplishments of outstanding international changemakers over the past year.


January 19

19:00 - 22:00

WUSC Annual Assembly

WUSC will hold its annual meeting during the International Forum.

Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting and no registration is required. Please note that only members in good standing have the right to vote.

WUSC’s 71st Annual Assembly will be conducted in both official languages. Local Committee, institutional and general members from across the country are invited to attend, alongside observers and Forum participants who are interested in learning more about WUSC.

Membership and voting rights.

  • Local Committees: Each active Local Committee can send one voting delegate and as many observers as they wish.
  • Institutional Members: Canadian member universities, colleges and CEGEPs can send one voting delegate and as many observers as they wish.
  • General Member: Each general member has the right to be a voting delegate.

If you would like more information about membership, requirements and voting rights, please visit WUSC’s website.


January 20

13:30 - 14:45


WUSC Campus Awards

WUSC Local Committee of the Year Award

The WUSC Local Committee of the Year Award is awarded by the WUSC Board of Directors to recognize the recent contribution of a student or group of students who have demonstrated commitment to international development. This award is presented at the International Forum Evening Celebration.
The WUSC Campus Awards celebrate the achievements of outstanding WUSC Local Committees across the country. Local Committees are invited to submit their nomination for one or more of the award categories. Deadline: Sunday January 7th 2018.

Event of the Year

For a Local Committee (LC) event (or series of events) that distinguished itself through its scope, ingenuity and substantial contribution to WUSC’s public education advocacy efforts.

Outstanding Contribution to the SRP

For an LC that has demonstrated strong and consistent commitment to the Student Refugee Program and the relevant SRP students.

Committee on the Rise

For a new (or recently revived) LC with outstanding achievement in increasing their presence.

Outstanding Contribution to our #OneWorld

For an LC that has demonstrated strong and consistent commitment to the Uniterra #OneWorld campaign.

Rosario Demers Award

CECI strongly believes in the power of volunteer cooperation as a development tool.

The commitment of thousands of volunteers on the ground has made our work possible, with sometimes brilliant results in development. Their involvement, altruism, readiness and day-to-day hard work with local partners are a testament to their devout solidarity and desire to work together to build a better world.
The volunteer cooperation programs operated by CECI and its partners mobilize more than 500 volunteers each year from Canada and the global South. These volunteers work with 120 local partners encompassing 800 organizations that offer services to the people.

The Rosario Demers Prize recognizes the outstanding commitment of one such volunteer.

Women in Action Award

CECI stands firmly for women’s rights.
In its mission and values statement, CECI places the principle of equity in human relations at the centre of its vision and its action. We believe in human dignity and equality before the law, and we work to establish equity between women and men both in society at large and within our own organization.

CECI holds the conviction that women must have equitable access to the benefits of development, and this dictates that they be made equal partners in decision-making processes relating to development activities and projects. Discrimination against women limits their access to education, health care, and decision-making power, among other things. It stands in the way of their full participation.
This is why our approach, while including work with men, places a priority on increasing women’s individual and collective knowledge.

The Women in Action Award recognizes any individual, woman or man, or any organization who has made a significant contribution to gender equality.

George Atkins Communications Award

The George Atkins Communications Award was established in 1991 by Farm Radio International to recognize rural radio broadcasters for their outstanding commitment and contribution to food security and poverty reduction in low-income countries. The award is named after Dr. George S. Atkins, the Founding Director of Farm Radio International.

The award is presented each year to an individual that demonstrates overall programming excellence in responding to small-scale farmers’ needs as well as commitment to Farm Radio International.

The Lewis Perinbam Award for International Development

Honouring Canadians dedicated to improving people’s lives across the globe.
The award recognizes Canadian citizens and permanent residents who:

  • Improve people’s lives in the developing world;
  • Engage and inspire Canadians to undertake volunteer action; and/or
  • Offer new ways of thinking about and addressing development challenges.

The award celebrates the legacy of Lewis Perinbam by recognizing individuals or groups who have made a noteworthy contribution to international development. Paid professionals are eligible if their contribution significantly exceed the scope of their responsibilities.
This year’s winner will receive the award at the WUSC and CECI International Forum in Ottawa in January 2018. Winners will receive a monetary award of $5,000.

2016 Winner – Abraam Isaac
Abraam Isaac is the co-founder and co-executive director of Innovative Canadians for Change (ICChange), a non-profit organization with the mandate of improving the quality of life and security of vulnerable populations worldwide through sustainable models of development. Through his involvement with ICChange, Abraam has been instrumental in the development and implementation of several projects in various health related fields, including water and sanitation, electronic medical records and health informatics, and trauma and injury prevention and treatment. ICChange’s work has been recognized and funded by several national and international organizations, including Grand Challenges Canada, the International Development Research Centre and the Clinton Global Initiative. Abraam’s work with the world’s disadvantaged has taken him many parts of the world, including East Africa and Southeast Asia. He has had the opportunity to work closely with remote rural populations, low-income communities in some of Africa’s largest slums, and refugees on the Thai-Burma border.

Abraam received his medical degree in 2010 from the University of Alberta. After completing his residency in Internal Medicine and fellowship in Infectious Diseases, he joined the Division of Infectious Diseases at the University of Alberta as a staff consultant.

Click here for more past winners.

The WUSC Alumni of the Year Award

The WUSC Alumni Award is presented each year to recognize the outstanding contributions of a member of the WUSC network. This individual demonstrates ongoing commitment to the WUSC values (inclusivity, sustainability, facilitation, integrity, and leadership) and our efforts to change the world through education, employment, and the empowerment of youth.

The award is open to any WUSC alumni including International Seminar Participants, International Volunteers, Local Committee Members, SRP Students. The winner will be an individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and made significant contributions in her/his professional or personal life in any of the following ways:

  • Committing to improving the lives of marginalized youth.
  • Promoting equal opportunities for men and women.
  • Responding to the refugee crisis.

Young Journalists’ Global Podcast Challenge Award

As the world experiences new, old, and more complex global challenges, it’s important to dig deep to understand the issues, how they affect people, and how they connect to Canadians, because global challenges require global solutions.
The Young Journalists’ Global Podcast Challenge, led by Farm Radio International, is an opportunity for Canadian journalists and foreign broadcasters to partner to produce an entertaining and informative podcast exploring a global challenge and innovative solutions. These podcasts explore a global challenge and local solutions - from Canada and abroad.