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Connect with a wide range of actors - including civil society members from the global South, young agents of change, representatives from the private sector, researchers and international development specialists - in discussions on some of the most pressing issues, challenges and solutions in international development at the WUSC and CECI International Forum. Learn more.

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Don’t miss our annual Award Soirée!

This past year, we have achieved a great deal thanks to our dedicated network of alumni, supporters, students, post-secondary institutions and partners. Following a full day of sessions on Friday, January 22, we will bring everyone together at the International Forum to acknowledge all that we achieved together and recognize the accomplishments of outstanding international […]

Sponsoring Refugee Students: Adapting to the context of the Syrian crisis

For over 35 years, WUSC’s Student Refugee Program (SRP) and its partners have been responding to the needs of disadvantaged and displaced youth around the world. Our partner universities, colleges and cegeps support the program by providing knowledgeable and skilled young refugee students with a safe space to learn and achieve their educational goals. Our […]