Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for attendees of our virtual events. If you are unable to find an answer to your question, please contact [email protected].

International Forum

The 2022 International Forum will take place from January 25 to 27, 2022. The Forum will be virtual with live and pre-recorded/on-demand sessions. Due to the current and ongoing Covid-19 health crisis, Forum will not have any in-person gathering this year.

The 2022 International Forum will host a series of talks and panel discussions to take place between noon and 2.30pm EST. Each session will offer plenty of time for Q&A from the audience and networking opportunities for participants.


The 3-day pass provides access to all conference activities unless otherwise noted. This includes Opening and closing remarks, panel discussions, social sessions and the networking platform Braindate.

You will be able to register for the event until the day before the Forum begins - January 25th. We recommend however that you register earlier to take advantage of the pre-Forum content that will be sent to all registrants, and avoid missing content due to last minute technical issues. We appreciate and encourage you to register and pay in advance using the online registration page, as this helps us better prepare for and ensure a successful event.

We have priced the event to make it more accessible to many and will not be providing refunds. Should you be unable to attend the live sessions, you will still have access to the on-demand content during and after the event.

As a non-profit, non-governmental organization, we are unable to offer financial support to individuals interested in participating in the Forum. We encourage individuals to seek support from their employers, organizations, institutions, and community groups in their area.

If you are a Local Committee member:

We have compiled a few ideas to help you fund your Local Committee’s attendance at the Forum:

  • WUSC LC Catalyst fund: Use your annual WUSC Local Committee catalyst fund ($250) to pay for a Local Committee representative registration or to split the cost between a few representatives. Apply for it on My Committee – just make sure to explain how the funds will be used for Forum attendance.
  • SRP Fund: Your Local Committee’s SRP fund can help pay for an SRP student’s registration to this great learning and networking event. Check to see if you allocated a budget line for this in your Intent Sponsor Form.
  • Institutional support: Approach your university administration to sponsor your attendance. This is a great way to represent your institution at a high profile learning event. We have a letter template ready to help your Local Committee.
    You can use leftover fundraising or administrative finances from your Local Committee.

Still not sure where to begin? Contact the campus team for tips and ideas: [email protected]

Official sponsors of the International Forum may receive FREE passes to the event as part of their sponsorship package. Please contact Serena Thomson at [email protected] for more information.

In the top menu use the button Register.

Upon registration, you will receive a registration confirmation email with the subject line: “Thank You for Registering to the 2022 WUSC International Forum! / Merci pour votre inscription au Forum international 2022 de l'EUMC !”

You will then receive another confirmation email coming from Zoom which will be the platform used throughout Forum.

Please save this important email which contains your unique url to access the Forum.

You will then receive a separate link for each session a day before with all the important information such as the title, speakers, time and duration of the session.

  • Desktop computer or laptop - Tablets and mobile devices may need to have the Zoom app installed.
  • Browser - Google Chrome recommended
  • Internet Connection - A high speed internet connection is recommended to participate in sessions without experiencing interruptions. A minimum download speed of 25 Mbps is recommended. You can test your internet speed here. If the stream is working, but the audio or video seems choppy, it's possible that your internet connection is too slow, unstable, or bandwidth is being utilized elsewhere. A hard-wired internet connection is more stable than a wireless connection.

One of the unique characteristics of the International Forum is it’s diverse, global, and intergenerational audience. There will be many opportunities to network with other attendees:

  • During sessions in the chat and Q&A functions of the platform;
  • In between sessions on the 24/7 chat board provided by Braindate;
  • During the social events ;
  • On social media, using #WUSCForum2022 and #CommonPurposeSharedFutures to post content, interact with other participants via Twitter Chats/TweetChats.

Annual Assembly

While everyone is welcome to attend the Annual Assembly, only WUSC members in good standing can vote. Each Institutional Member can appoint one voting delegate, each Local Committee can appoint one voting delegate, General Members and any Member of the Board of Directors who is not otherwise a voting delegate can vote.

If you are interested in becoming a General Member or would like more information about membership and voting rights, please visit the WUSC website.

Please indicate you are a voting delegate when you register for the International Forum.

In addition, Institutional Members and Local Committees must provide a document that names their voting delegate – a letter for Institutional Members, meeting minutes for Local Committees.

If you are attending the Assembly only, please send a completed form and documentation to Gesine Freund [email protected] or by mail (1404 Scott Street, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 2N2).

For more information, email us at: [email protected].